untitledhhhOur Team of specially-trained Safety Ambassadors will serve to enrich the experience in cities with Downtown entertainment, retail shopping, fine restaurants, and events by enhancing public safety efforts, supporting a high quality of life, and generally assisting residents, workers, business owners and visitors.

Bike patrols provide for a more intimate view of the entire downtown operations, allowing officers to access areas in between buildings and dark areas behind business’s where there is no outside lighting as these places are prime spots for the homeless seeking refuge. Also, riding bikes gives the officers direct contact with business owners, making regular stops on their route to gather and share security-related information and concerns. A secure environment makes all the difference to living, working, shopping and visiting.

As a receptive, flexible and comprehensive company, we enhance a positive image of small business through service to our customers and communities. We encourage our security officers to have face-to-face communications with the public, visitors, residents, business owners, customers and employees for which they protect. Keeping an open line of communication creates a safe and welcomed presence in their working, living and recreational environments. Providing approachable, helpful security officers and letting the public know that we are there for them maintains a feeling of community and safety.

Power Security Group Security Officers will compliment any existing Downtown Ambassador program with focus on safety and security by patrolling the downtown area on foot and bicycle, with an emphasis on positive guest experiences. Patrolling will be done at designated areas to deter unwanted behavior and criminal activity and to interact with business ‘s, residents, visitors and shoppers.


Power Security Group’s Safety Ambassador team is experienced and are able to prepare and respond to community issues sufficiently, can monitor and track special events, concerts social gatherings and other events. Our uniformed officers provide high visibility and present a command appearance. Our boldly marked patrol cars with amber colored lights and alley spotlights provides the attention that is needed in downtown areas. The team will be visible, mobile and responsive. Although the team is unarmed, they can perform a citizen’s arrest and/or detain individuals until the police arrive. They have superior communication skills , can write legible, accurate and detailed reports that will hold up in a court room. Also interview skills for interviewing witness’s and anyone involved in any particular incident needed to achieve the results at hand.


We have the knowledge about the local ordinances, such as panhandling, loitering, solicitation and parking. With provided information safety ambassadors can provide information on current events and activities, directions, assistance and hand-out brochures and calendars. They will always have a positive influence on downtown safety by serving as the “eyes and ears” of the community and local law enforcement. They are trained as social outreach professionals, capable of responding to concerns about public drunkenness, loitering and homelessness in a swift and respectful manner.imagesjhzb5wxz



Special considerations must be taken with the selection of the Safety Ambassador team based on personality, attitude and friendliness. We take pride in our security officers and guarantee they meet the specific requirements you seek. They are helpful, courteous and maintain a professional command appearance at all times. Communicate effectively, exercise sound judgment, and are capable and prepared to handle unforeseen situations under demanding conditions and it will show in our performance. We ensure that security is always a solution and never a problem.


Safety Ambassador Services include:

  • Intervene as necessary to stop unwanted behavior and criminal activity
  • Greet and engage pedestrians in conversation
  • Maintain a positive, friendly helpful and observant presence
  • Identify and report all conditions and incidents that may impact safety
  • Provide personal safety escorts as needed and as conditions permit


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  • Private Patrol Operator (PPO) :
    PPO 17051
  • We are BSIS Certified: TFF: 1460 TFB: 1288