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Gun Ranges

Angeles Shooting Range An excellent outdoor rifle and pistol range.
Burro Canyon Shooting Park A range where you can have tons of fun with guns.
Evan’s Shooters World Evans Shooters World is an indoor range.
Escondido Fish & Game Association Outdoor rifle, pistol, and trap range.
Insight Shooting Range An indoor range near the 91 & 605 freeways, offers 20 lanes at a full 25 yards. With a complete line of handguns for rent.
Iron Sights Shooting Range Has an indoor 25-yard RIFLE range, where you can shoot high-power rifles INDOORS!
LAX Firing Range The range offers 14 positions, 3 dedicated for high powered rifles and shotguns with a large selection of rental guns.
On-Target Shooting Range South Orange County 25-yard Indoor Shooting Range with Gunsmith on site
Orange County Indoor Shooting Range Two separate fully automated shooting bays, each with 6 separate shooting lanes. You can place your target anywhere from 12 to 50 feet from your shooting booth.
Prado Olympic Shooting Park Do it all at Prado!
Rahaugges’ Shooting Enterprises 100yd lanes for high-powered rifles and dedicated shotgun and pistol lanes.
Triple B Clays The most complete shotgun sports park in Southern California.
West End Gun Club They do it all!


Other Related Sites

DOJ Handgun Approved List Check and see if the gun you want to purchase is “California Legal”. It would be politically incorrect to buy something not approved by the People’s Republic.
Box O’ Truth The purpose of the Box is to test the penetration of various rounds. There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates. You must shoot it into a medium and see for a fact.



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