We service many transportation agencies, such as Metrolink, whom have benefited from working with a highly recommended security company such as, Power Security Group. Our security officers patrol busy transit stations and deter disruptive behavior. Camera monitoring and access control are two other duties that help maintain order. In addition our security officers can also escort City staff, employees and passengers to and from their vehicles. Our security officers are trained to operate metal detectors and wands. We support our clients with all of these critical duties while remaining as unobtrusive as possible from a rider’s perspective.

However, potential dangers do lurk, making security a necessary part of any transportation experience. While occasionally inconvenient, security measures exist to safeguard the public.

We are responsible for safeguarding people, facilities, services, and infrastructure. With local law enforcement stretched thin for a variety of reasons, airports, subways, buses and other transportation authorities have come to rely on a the services that Power Security can provide. We are effective in our service, which serves the community to promote safety, and contributes to general financial, environmental and social well-being.

We are experienced and qualified to handle the scope of services for any transportation authority:


We emphasize training and certifications beyond the bare minimum required for the job. An ongoing commitment to training is a commitment to excellence.

Emergency Response:

Our security officers act quickly and respond efficiently to emergencies. We have protocols and contingency plans in place, and our security officers must complete 48 hours of pre-assignment training, in addition, but not limited to: First-Aid, CPR, Public Safety,and, Emergency Preparedness training. Power Security Group is prepared to handle the scope for any company’s capabilities.


We go above and beyond to meet our clients expectations and it will show in our performance. We are reliable, our security officers present a command appearance, we are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of transportation authorities, and we are transparent in our processes.

Detail-oriented Attitude

Our reporting and documentation protocols as well as patrols, guides the security officer to be able to notice details-including suspicious activity, vandalism, graffiti, theft, and burglary and be able to accurately report their findings, in writing as well as verbally in a comprehensive, clear, and honest manner.


Our security officers are able to operate CCTV monitoring systems, metal detection units, access control panels, and anything else the job requires.

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Power Security Group provides The Finest Security and Patrol Service in California


  • Private Patrol Operator (PPO) :
    PPO 17051
  • We are BSIS Certified: TFF: 1460 TFB: 1288