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Power Security Group has been securing apartments, condos, HOA??s, and gated or NON-gated communities with standing guards and patrol service since 2008. Our experienced security officers are knowledgeable in close community situations to keep the residences and property safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attacks. The main purpose of a gated or NON-gated residential community is to provide higher privacy, security and exclusivity to its residents. Most gated communities are similar to private clubs; most need access privileges to enter the property, but unfortunately, this does not keep all possible criminal activities out of these closed communities. Power Security Group provides security officers and patrol service officers in order to have a highly visible security presence to deter criminal activities in the area.

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Power Security Group understand that gated communities are desirable communities for current or prospective residents. Our officers are trained and licensed and meet all requirements of the State of California for private security officers, including age, citizenship/residency, and authorization to work in the United States. Power Security Group places great emphasis on how an officer looks and how they conduct themselves. Power Security Group??s security officers present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride and a professional image to the public and are highly visible. We also believe it to be an outstanding deterrent to those who may pose problems for our clients.

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Power Security Group officers have the highest grooming standards and look very professional. Power Security Group has a fleet of patrol vehicles, all of which are fully equipped with emergency equipment, such as dispatch radios, cellular phones, traffic cones, first-aid kits, emergency lights, spotlights, and so forth. Power Security Group only buys patrol cars brand new; no vehicle is over 3 years old, and we decommission patrol cars after 120,000 miles. Each patrol car is equipped with computer that can send reports and can directly make contact with clients, and or vice-versa. Power Security Group cars have GPS, so dispatch has access to all vehicle locations and speed based on GPS.


Residential Community Patrol Provides

  • Homeowner Associations
  • Gated Communities
  • Apartments and Apartment Complexes
  • Condominium Complexes
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Sub-Divisions
  • Permanent Homes
  • Vacation Homes
  • And More

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  • Private Patrol Operator (PPO) :
    PPO 17051
  • We are BSIS Certified: TFF: 1460 TFB: 1288