Providing a safe environment within a government building for employees as well as the public poses a unique challenge for post 9/11 security providers. Power Security Group realizes that providing the right amount of security for any government structure is a challenging balance to achieve. With the tightening of budgets and increased responsibilities your security plan must be comprehensive and thorough in its approach if you are to provide an appropriate level of security with public access.Power Security Group understands the vital importance of these types of buildings and the essential role that they play. We have a full complement of security personnel which we can assign according to the particular detail for which our services are needed.

Power Security Group offers uniformed protection services to a diverse clientele, including government agencies, military installations, Fortune 500 companies, high tech companies, heavy manufacturing sites, educational institutions. Power Security Group’s uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organization’s reputation and operations.

  • Stationary and Roving Patrols
  • Visible Patrol of Property and Parking Structures
  • Securing of all critical infrastructure
  • Transportation and or Assistance during Money Transfers
  • Management of all Fire Alarm Apparatus and Electronic Security Surveillance Equipment
  • Visible presence during special events, rallies, protests, meetings, judicial hearings
  • Traffic Control

Our companies’ management structure incorporates strict requirements for regular communication, evaluation, supervision, and administration that are an integral part of the total quality control and compliance process. Senior managers possess extensive experience managing large security operations across the U.S. Clear delineation of roles and effective delegation of management activities ensures that the entire Power Security Group. team is attentive to the needs of each client. Power Security Group also excels in account transition and has extensive experience starting protective service operations in all types of environments, under a wide variety of conditions and lead times.

Power Security Group Uses a Meticulous Selection Process That includes extensive background investigations, reference checks, skills assessments, and credit checks. The company employs personnel who are cleared to the secret and top secret levels and can provide effective management of the security clearance process, to ensure positions requiring clearance are filled with qualified individuals.

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Power Security Group provides The Finest Security and Patrol Service in California


  • Private Patrol Operator (PPO) :
    PPO 17051
  • We are BSIS Certified: TFF: 1460 TFB: 1288