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Power Security Group executive protection provides security to clients anywhere in the world for personal protection, any type of events or circumstance. Our highly trained professionals are skilled at paying close attention to the small details. We employ on those professionals who understand the special care that comes with these types of responsibilities. At Power Security Group we have a travel concierge that can arrange for all travel services, including private jets, yachts and car service. Power Security Group has access to any vehicle from exotic cars to a bullet- proof Rolls Royce. Our executive protection officers are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Power Security Group offers off duty police officers who are available for as little as one hour or on an ongoing basis. Off duty police officers are available for any type of event. Power Security Group executive protection officers are available in uniform or plainclothes.

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Our officers have an extensive background in personal protection. Power Security Group executive protection officers constantly asses any threats or problems for the client, and they protect the client at all times. Power Security Group executive protection officers will also work to maintain the security and the integrity of any property that the client may visit here in the United States or abroad with an executive protection officer. Power Security Group personal-protection officers may work alone or as a close protection team; they may be a security driver, escort officer, or residential security officer. We provide services for security permanent or vacation homes; we provide escort officers or a VIP close protection team for high-profile events, product launches, or travel. Power Security Group offers VIP protection with the right executive protection officer to meet your individual needs and fit your circumstances. Power Security Group keeps your safety and protection our number one priority. Power Security Group uses its most experienced, highly-trained security personnel in the company when providing executive protection.

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Our security officers are highly trained and experienced and available regardless of the schedule of any personal event, special occasion or Entertainment Industry, production time-lines .We understand the complexities involved when providing security for these types of details.

Our Services:

  • Personal (Executive) Protection
  • Travel Executive Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Production Set and Trailer Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Safe transport of valuable equipment, props etc.
  • Residential Security Solution
  • Vacation Home Security Solution
  • Escort Executive Protection
  • VIP Close Protection Team
  • High Profile Event
  • Product Launches
  • Surveillance
  • Subpoena, Summons and Legal Document Delivery
  • Structure Eviction and Property Repossession Teams
  • Crowd Control
  • High-and Low-Profile Personal Transport
  • Off-duty Police Protection
  • Night Deposit Escorts
  • Alarm Response (Armed and Unarmed)
  • Workplace Violence
  • Stalking
  • Secure and Lock-up Services
  • And more

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  • Private Patrol Operator (PPO) :
    PPO 17051
  • We are BSIS Certified: TFF: 1460 TFB: 1288