Power Security Group is licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to provide Baton Training and Certification and employs BSIS licensed baton instructors. The Baton Training Class is designed to give students the minimum level of proficiency of carrying and use a baton while on duty as a private security officer.

  • Moral and Legal Aspects of Baton Usage
  • Use of Force
  • Baton Familiarization and it’s Uses
  • First Aid for Baton Injuries
  • Fundamentals of Baton Handling


The class will primarily focus on the straight baton, however side handle (PR-24), and expandable batons will also be covered. The class is part lecture discussion and part physical training using our training batons and equipment. Dress properly for this physical training.

Security guard applicants or registered (licensed) security guards may take this class. Security guards must have a valid security guard registration (guard card) and a baton permit before they may lawfully carry a baton on duty.

Students will take, and must pass, a written exam and a skills evaluation based upon the knowledge gained in the class. The Baton Permit will be issued after successful completion of the training class.Baton permits do not expire.

Batons, and other security gear, will be available for purchase after successful completion of the class.
Company and Organization Billing Accounts and mobile training services available

DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to teach the legal aspects, first aid, striking points, maintenance,carry methods, basic position techniques, and long extended techniques. The Straight Baton Course is an 8-hour basic B.S.I.S. course which covers the above techniques as they apply to the straight baton.
This course also covers the uses and concepts associated with the use of the Baton. Students are taught through not only the use of classroom instruction, but also through hands-on practical scenarios.
Students will receive the minimum level of proficiency to carry and use a baton while on duty as Private Security. All licensees holding a baton permit may carry any type of baton on the job regardless of the type specified on the baton permit (as long as he or she is proficient in the device).

You must already have a current B.S.I.S. Guard Card in order to enroll in this course.

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