Protective Services

Power Security Group provides professional protection services for corporate clients, and high net worth individuals, not to mention that a number of our officers currently hold a  Clearance with the Department of Defense. Our scope includes: events, estate security, persons and property with threats, high threat travel or basic security needs. Power Security Agents and Consultants will assess your needs and will recommend tailored solutions to your security concerns. Often a simple approach is best which may include one or more of the following:

  • Discrete or low profile security
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Development of contingency plans and continuity of operations plans (COOP)
  • Uniformed officers (armed and unarmed)
  • Special police officers
  • Executive Protection (EP) Agents
  • Selected technical security measures
  • Protective Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Investigations and research

Our ability to provide high-end security assessments as well as provide the physical security those assessments may require, often set us apart from other security consulting firms. We live on our integrity and promise a cost effective holistic solution. You can decide if you want us for consulting, or as a service provider, or both. Power Security will tell you what we know and what we think, with honesty and experience. Let us show you why we are considered “The Elite”.


Government & Business Support

For the employer, we have a wide range of services: Fraud and undercover assignments to flush out deception or theft, loss prevention and drugs, workman’s compensation claims surveillance, insurance fraud surveillance, electronic eavesdropping countermeasures, security assessments, , route tracking and verification, training and more.

Corporate intelligence collection AKA “Competitive Intelligence”, has become both a threat and a necessity. This idea is not new, however, it has become more recognizable as more companies are engaged in it. If you have not evaluated your company posture relative to this threat, you are a potential soft target. Foreign and domestic companies and foreign governments are collecting vast amounts of information; you may be a target and not know it or not know how to reduce the threat. We can help. Our background in positive intelligence collection and counterintelligence (CI) can benefit both the customer that wants information as well as the customer that wants to protect the company. In most cases a combination of positive intelligence collection and counterintelligence is warranted. Our approach begins with a security assessment and client interview. Solutions may include penetration attempts and elicitation of information from your employees in social or professional settings (RED CELL). Our methods are always legal and will not cause embarrassment to you or your company.


Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures

A comprehensive threat assessment will be made of all designated areas, and a plan developed to best implement the countermeasures operation. During our intensive countermeasures investigation, our team of security professionals will electronically inspect your facilities for any clandestine devices such as concealed radio transmitters, microphones, cameras, carrier current bugs, telephone line taps and instrument modifications. In addition to this technical “sweep,” our technicians will perform a security survey of your facility and make specific recommendations on how you may enhance the overall security of your premises.  A verbal report of our findings will be given only to a designated representative of the client, followed by a written report. This report will include all of our findings and observations.  In many cases, recommendations will be made to enhance the security of your information and facility.


Confidentiality & Trust

Integrity is our promise, and is demonstrated by our performance and the trust we develop with our clients.  Our mission is to protect your most valuable assets.  While every security company will state this, we back it up with performance, honesty, management, and a sense of duty.


Worldwide Network

Power Security Group maintains an active network of special operations talent. The Wounded Warriors are clients of ours as we are strong supporters of our Armed Forces and proudly employ former Army Rangers & Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marine Recon along with law enforcement personnel among others.

All of these personnel receive timely notices regarding jobs and requests for information that provide opportunities for work. Power also uses this powerful extended world-wide network to reach out for information development, intelligence, to resource needs, and for problem solving.

Power is prepared to utilize this network to assist its teaming partners and clients in extending their network as well. Contact us today to discuss how Power may assist you in solving those difficult or time critical problems.